MedForce 2018

June 25 - 26, 2018

Omni Parker House, Boston, MA


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How to Boost Sales in the New Regulatory Environment

For over a decade, reducing patient costs and improving patient care in the healthcare industry have been a national priority, on the forefront of political and social discourse. As a result, the creation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 transitioned healthcare providers from a pay-for-service healthcare model to a pay-for-performance model. Key topics include:Taking a hard look at regulationsIdentifying stakeholdersMarketing & Sales relationshipsA holistic model approachClick the image on the left to download now!

MedForce 2017 Director's Report

Adjusting to the new customer landscape has been a priority for marketing and sales execs in medtech over the past seven years, but with the new administration looking to shake things up once again, there is a general sense of uncertainty looming over the nation’s healthcare.In this content piece, you'll learn about the latest trends to affect the industry and discover what it means for you.Click on the image to the left to download.

Attendee List

Find out who will be attending this year's MedForce. Click on the image to download the attendee list!

Principles of Persuasion

As a marketing and sales professional in the medical device industry, why should you study persuasion? Take a look at our presentation on critical persuasion strategies by clicking the image to the left to find out!

Compensation Strategy

How can you improve your incentive programs to promote better engagement from your employees? Take a look at our presentation on compensation by clicking the image to the left to see how!

Uncovering Best-Practices in Med Tech Sales and Marketing

The way that medical sales representatives access decision-makers is evolving. The emergence of integrated healthcare networks, as well as mergers and acquisitions activity means that in many cases broad purchasing power is being consolidated into the hands of fewer and more influential decision-makers. The traditional approach of face-to-face visits with doctors and administrators is no longer reliable in scenarios where access to face time is restricted by a lack of availability or regulation, and the ways that these prospects can be contacted will often have restrictions attached that force marketing and sales to develop synergistic and creative strategies for outreach. In this report from QunitilesIMS with MedForce, you'll discover unique data that can help you build a better operation.