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Here's How Elekta is Making a Seismic Shift in Its Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing is at the core of any modern promotional strategy, and Elekta is making new partnerships to make sure its own endeavor is a real earth mover.

Elekta was founded in 1972 by Professor of Neurosurgery at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, Lars Leksell. Since the 1940s, Leksell has been researching his own stereotactic system and gamma knife and founded the company to commercialize these innovations. The company expanded into a public medical technology group under the leadership of Leksell's son, Laurent, who was CEO until 2005. The company only trades in Sweden, but nearly half of its total sales are made to the United States.

Today, the company is one of Europe's most successful providers of medical equipment and employs over 3,500 people. The company has revenues of $1.2 billion, and was recently named on the Financial Times' list of stocks to watch.

Seismic Content Marketing

Elekta was looking for a way to boost the effectiveness of its content marketing. The company had around 1,000 separate pieces of sales and marketing content spread across various portals. Sales departments weren't sure where to go to access the content they needed for their roles, and marketing wasn't able to establish the effectiveness of the content that was being used by sales, and was unable to adjust strategies in reaction. This led to marketing teams often creating new content on the fly which lead to an inconsistent customer experience.

"What we really had here at Elekta was very siloed groups," said Kathleen Voboril, Director of Digital and Marketing Operations at Elekta. "And not just silos between sales and marketing, but silos within marketing, within sales, between regions and functions, of a global company - we have 35 offices all over the world."

By partnering with Seismic, a content marketing automation company, Elekta was looking for a way to break down these silos and improve the way its departments communicated with one another over the development and use of content marketing materials.

Seismic uses several different tools, such as third-party developed Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Marketing Cloud platforms, to drive better sales leads through content marketing. The platforms' data gathering and analysis capabilities allow Elekta to research the performance of their content - including engagement times, shareability, and lead generation - in a way which wasn't possible before. Because every department is now using the same platform, all data is shared and updated in real-time.

"Combining Seismic with leading marketing automation platforms such as Oracle Eloqua, leads experience the same exceptional, personalized experience from first touch to close," said Doug Winter, Seismic Cofounder and CEO. "Put simply: Seismic's integration with Oracle Eloqua means that marketing teams truly focused on their company's bottom line now have the most powerful set of tools available to set their sales teams up for success."


Once Seismic had integrated with Elekta's own Salesforce-powered database, its teams were able to deliver new content based on real and up-to-date data. An immediate result was that sales departments were able to improve the experience for prospective clients - thereby increasing the chances of closing the deal - by offering unique and personalized content. On the other side of the fence, marketing departments gain the data they need to serve sales with the content they require.

"One of the issues is that, as organizations grow larger, siloes inherently develop between teams," said Daniel Rodriguez, Vice President of Marketing at Seismic. "When you combine that with the fact that the strengths and qualities that make for a great sales person are not generally the same as some of the qualities you look for in a marketer, communication problems are bound to start appearing. It is under this environment that misalignment is created, and cohesion lacks."

Following Seismic integration, Elekta saw the usage of their content increase by a breath-taking 350%.

Final Thoughts

As content marketing becomes more and more important to promotional efforts, companies will do well to provide their sales and marketing teams with the right tools and information to ensure their efforts are being directed in the most effective manner.

The final word goes to Daniel Rodriguez.

"We're in the era right now in which sales and marketing are being illuminated; technology has really shone a spotlight on what truly works and what doesn't and allows us to make changes more intelligently and efficiently than ever before."

You can hear Elekta's Director of Digital and Marketing Operations, Kathleen Voboril, speak at MedForce 2018 this June in Boston, MA.

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